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Driver Manual Practice Quiz

Chapter 8 - Defensive Driving


Please Note: This quiz is intended to help you prepare for the types of questions you will be asked on the written test. The questions on the test you take at the DMV may be different. Return to chapter 8


Signs that warn "lane closed ahead" may indicate a work zone ahead. You should:
Driving in a state of rage can:
One of the rules of defensive driving is:
Minimum speed signs are designed to:
Aggressive driving can become road rage. What should you do when confronted by an aggressive driver?
A safe speed to drive your car:
What is true of work zones?
Which of the following is always true about road rage?
Seat belts can be most effective as injury preventive devices when they are worn by:
Which of the following may describe a work zone sign?
On long trips you can prevent drowsiness by:
On a New York State highway where there is no posted speed limit, the fastest you may legally drive is: